New Members Ministry

The New Members ministry enthusiastically welcomes each member to the Greater Miracle Temple Worship Center (GMTWC) family. It is designed to ensure that all New Members make a smooth and comfortable transition into their new Church family. We specialize in making sure that every possible resource is available to our New Members as they pursue their Divine Destiny!

All New Members are required to complete six one-hour classes prior to serving in a ministry capacity. The classes are held on Sunday mornings at 9:00am at our 1106 Fellowship Hall location. These classes will cover the following but not limited to the following:

    • To introduce what we believe.
    • To instruct on fundamental concepts of Kingdom order and GMTWC protocol.
    • To lay a common foundation of understanding and teaching for all members of GMTWC.
    • To explain the vision of GMTWC.
    • To share the Kingdom of God as a lifestyle.
    • To encourage each member to actively participate as a servant leader in church, the community and all phases of life.
    • To develop a deeper relationship with Christ and others.

These Classes are designed to provide each New Member with a foundational understanding of what we believe and to facilitate any questions. These classes may be taken in any order and there is no prerequisite for the classes. We encourage New Members to begin their classes immediately following their membership intake process.

Upon completion of these classes, the New Member will receive a completion certificate for their records. The New Member will also be provided with a list of volunteer positions that they may feel free to become apart of.

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